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What now?

Your sex life after medical treatment

Living with a cancer diagnosis can bring many challenges. Surgery to the abdomen and pelvis, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone treatment can all interfere with your sex life. Maybe you, your family and medical team are just grateful that you are alive. Maybe you feel that talking about your difficulties witih sex seems such a small thing compared to cancer.

Maybe no one seems to want to talk about it.


It might be different, but it can be great!

The changes that have happened to your body may be permanent. Accepting your body as it is now is the first step to moving forward and reclaiming your body for yourself and your pleasure. Learning new ways to experience and share pleasure can be great fun and hugely liberating. It is possible for you to have a sex life that is fulfilling and, maybe even better than before. 

Get in touch to discuss how I can support you in this new phase of your life. 

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