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Private sessions

We spend our lives looking “out there” for love, fulfilment and validation hoping that someone or something else will fill our gaps, soothe our hurts and make us feel whole.  We cling to relationships that do not serve us, old stories that keep us stuck and patterns of behaviour that stop us from truly identifying and meeting our deepest needs.

We repeat these patterns in our relationship with our own body. We have been conditioned to believe that pleasure is something that someone else gives to us. Modern life causes us to live from our mind and dissociate from our all-feeling, all- knowing body. We fill the pleasure void with things such as food, alcohol, drugs, porn and over thinking because we have forgotten how to experience the simple pleasures of our animal body.

Our mission together is to reconnect with your capacity for pleasure and journey towards growth and fulfilment.

Sexological Bodywork sessions

Somatic sex coaching is an intentional, goal-focused partnership, personalised for you, that will support you to identify and explore your learning edges around your body and sexuality.  It is designed to facilitate your erotic development in order that you can experience your sexuality in whatever way is right for you.


My main role is to act as your compassionate witness – walking this journey with you to wherever your exploration takes you, offering tools and approaches to support your learning about yourself. These tools may include body focussing, breathwork, embodied counselling, genital mapping, anal mapping, erotic massage and mindful masturbation coaching.  You are in control of what takes place during the session.

Sessions can be held online or in person at my beautiful consulting room in Glasgow city centre. 

A 90 minute session costs £200

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