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You didn't end up here by accident

  • Feel like the menopause has stolen your mojo?

  • Your luscious lady parts are more Sahara desert than tropical rain forest?


  • You have forgotten what it feels like to be sexy and desirable?

  • You have trouble reaching orgasm?

  • You think that you are the only one having these issues?

  • You are lonely and despairing and you feel like your sex life is over for ever?

You are not alone


Around 50-70% of people experiencing the menopause have issues with their sexual expression.


You are here because you are ready for change and you want more. You can have a nourishing sex life that is meaningful for you. 


You are in the right place. 


The Pleasure Possibility Progamme

Reawaken your sexuality

  • Do you want to feel more connected to your sexual power?

  • Do you want to love your body?

  • Do you know your sexual desires and how to get what you want?

  • Do you want to feel more vibrant and alive?

  • Do you carry guilt or shame around the idea of sex and pleasure?

The Pleasure Possibility Programme is a foundational 8 week journey back to your full sexual self. During our time together you will be safely held to explore deeply your relationship with your body and your sexuality. You will re-energise your sexual energy in a way that feels true for you. 


During this group coaching programme, you will be invited to reconnect with your body, peel away the layers of guilt and shame that most of us carry and reawaken the innate pleasure that we are all capable of experiencing. In sharing with other women, we will grow together, releasing old hurt and pain and emerge powerful and hopeful. And we will have lots of fun!

This work is not for everyone. You will be ready to let go of past hurts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. You willl be committed to living as the full expression of your sexual self. You will be ready to express and receive pleasure in your life. 

You are not broken. I know you may feel that you are, but I promise you are not. You do not need to be fixed. Everything that you need is already inside you and I will be honoured to hold a safe space and support you to discover your full sexual self. 

The Pleasure Possibility Programme is designed to support you to fulfil your goals and through a combination of self-reflection, creative exploration, group coaching and practical tips and advice, you are invited to create the vibrant sex life that works for you.


The details

The PPP is an 8 week group coaching programme comprising:

  • 8 x 90 min group coaching sessions -  weekly online via Zoom.

  • Home play - this is an essential part of this programme. You must be committed to your own transformation.

  • Peer support - access to a private FB group to share, support and be supported by others on the same journey of exploration. 

  • FUN! - we will laugh, joke, dance and experience joy together.

You will commit to:

  • Payment of the programme cost prior to the first session.

  • The cost of the programme is £995. Payment plans may be available  - please ask me if you need this option.

  • Taking responsibility for your own transformation. I am not a magician. You will get the results you want if you put in the effort to get you there.

Contact me to start your journey

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